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Persona Manifesto of Dylon Whyte
Artist, Actor, Author, Auto-Didactic, Academic, Activist, A$$Hole, Philosopher and Warrior-Poet

Q. Is ~IT~ true that you like to be addressed as The Bay Khan Caesar?

A. Yes.

Q. Why is that?

A. Because I think that The Bacon Burgher sounds too punny.

Q. Is ~IT~ true that you believe that Bacon is the ultimate creative farce in the cosmos?

A.Yes, absolutely! Bacon is my personal lored and savour!

Q. What are your dreams?

A. Why I Dream of Meme

Please note that "Meme" is not pronounced as the garish "Me-Me!" (As if we haven't already had enough of the most selfish generation destroying the world we love!)

Memes are in fact the informational equivalent of a Genes. The same way genetic science seeks to understand physiology, memetics is the study of living or viral ideas.

See: Drala Principle, Anima locus, Pataphor and Manitou for examples of living ideas.

Basically we are all the living embodiment of our ideals, ideas and idols. The majority of which leave us either hollow or idle as we continually seek rationalization, validation and justification for concepts that we seldom consider the consequences or ulterior motives of.

One day I was explaining to a friend who incredulously approached my desire to create viral content by noting that "Everybody wants to be a meme."

Then the other day I was reading a story about how somebody's embarrassing pictures had ended up going viral and instead of turning hostile, they instead chose to embrace their new found 15 seconds of celebrity.

The reason I want to become a meme or more accurately, what to be a source of memetic content is that after over a quarter century in Information Technology I have a lot to say on the subject. Especially how ~IT~ effects our shared planet and the tenants of our basic biology as the results of our species being a continual expression of 50% nature vs. 50% nurture.

And the way I would most like to accomplish this is by transitioning from the role of best-selling D.I.Y. writer to that of a respected and barely-humorous speculative fiction author.

So I'd like to enlist your aid in living my dream to become a meme.

Ways in which you can help:

Share! Share! Share! Everywhere!

The $hitch Issue 1

Affirmations - Collected Works of Irony


419 - A Fictionalized Novella Based on Actual Events (Now Available Through Pay With A Tweet! How Sweet!)

64 Shades of Bacomegle ~ Looking for Two Strangers... (Coming soon!)

Kingdom Cum-A-Lot Presents... COCKZILLA! (Coming soon!)

or get The Art of Chainmail Masters Course! (Which includes all of the above plus future titles! BEST VALUE!)

Q. What is in ~IT~ for your readers?

A. Humour! Original Content! Peace, contentment, serenity and most importantly unlimited virtual reality intercourse! Plus Bacon!

Q. Why Bacon?

A.You will just have to keeping reading to find out!

Basically, if you help me build my dream to become a meme, I will make all your wildest dreams come true! Quid Pro Quo all the way, bro!

Q. Where can we learn more about your dreams?

A. Read More on The Yellow Sub-Machine Gun Blog: The Totally Uncanny Yarns of One Strange Dreamer

Q. Anywhere else we can find Dylon on social media?

A. Etsy, Facebook, Fiverr, Flattr, Flickr, FourSquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube.

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