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Lost somewhere in the wilds of Canada, Dylon Whyte is an award-winning author, actor and artist who amongst many other activities pens D.I.Y. books and tutorials on the subject of chain jewelry and armour. Along with a deep passion for speculative fiction, fantasy and sci-fi.

Titles by Dylon Whyte in Chronological Order

The Art of Chainmail Volume 1 - European Patterns (2002)

The Art of Chainmail - Volume 1 - European Patterns

One of the most well-respected titles on the topic of chain armour and jewelry, The Art of Chainmail Volume 1 is Dylon's first self-published title which covers construction techniques for the European Chain Family.

The digital 5th edition of the Art of Chainmail may be ordered along with the rest of Dylon's titles as part of The Art of Chainmail Master's Course. Which includes all 11 AOC Tutorials, plus all of Dylon's current and future digital publications.

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Physical copies of the digitally remastered limited 3rd edition of The Art of Chainmail Volume 1 may be obtained from Spider Chain, Metal Designz, Blue Buddha Boutique or Whytes Online.

Chain Mail Jewelry (2006)

Chain Mail Jewlery by Dylon Whyte and Terry Taylor

Order Chain Mail Jewelry directly from Amazon.com

Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry (2008)

Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry by Dylon Whyte

Order Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry directly from Amazon.com

The Art of Chainmail Tutorials (2008 - 2012)

Art of Chain Mail Tutorials by Dylon Whyte

Individual tutorials may also be purchased via Dylon's Etsy Store.

Other Chainmail Resources:

For those wishing to expand their knowing of chain, chainmail, chainmaille, maille and mail arts Dylon recommends the following sites.

Digital Titles by Dylon Whyte

The $hitch Issue 1 (2012)

The $hitch Issue 1

The $hitch is Dylon's first specifically humorous work. A caustically funny eZine written in an epistolary stream of consciousness style and designed to look like it was produced on an old-style ditto-machine that produces aniline purple pages which reek of alcohol.

The $hitch is a portmanteau of SHItty existential iTCH and is designed to explore modern digital society from an entirely new direction. Inspired by the great philosophers before him, such as Jean-Paul Sartre and La Nausée tackles the unusual concept of decompassion sickness. A social disease which is often expressed as dejamnesia or the feeling of having been there and done that all before which is also classified as ennui. And also sequelitis the point where a culture becomes incapable of generating a single original idea in entertainment.


Affirmations ~ Collected Works of Irony (2012)

Affirmations - Collected Works of Irony

Everybody's life has its ups and downs. At one point Dylon had trouble finding value in his existence. Affirmations is the story of how he discovered the common wisdom of life or frank and uncommon sense, mirth and true gold by conducting a humorous interview with himself.

Designed as a visual tap poem with a unique interactive optical beat, Affirmations contains two distinct type faces. Set in gold, the first is a traditional Times New Roman serif and the second, a silver comic script based on the author's own hand writing. Both are set against a chocolate brown backdrop in order to illustrate the forging of an amalgam of alacrity amongst the continual stream of crap that life provides.

This is based on the theory that when life hands you nothing but bullshit you might as well make lemon-aid. Sure it may smell a little "funny" and taste a little "off", but add enough sugar to anything and someone is bound to pay you for it.

Which of course is a very tongue firmly planted in cheek way of saying "When you are handed problems, provide solutions, not more problems!" This is part of Dylon's technician code developed over the past quarter century spent fighting on the front lines of the information wars.

1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

2. If it is supposed to move and doesn't, lubricate it.

3. If it is not supposed to move and does, affix it.

4. If it is broke, for cripes sake do something about it!

5. You can't help something which does not wish to help itself.


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THE ~IT~ CHING~ (2013)


THE ~IT~ CHING! is another example of Dylon's work in the field of humorous writing as he fuses ~IT~ Formations and ~IT~ Orations with the classic I-Ching to create what is probably the most punny oracle book in history.

~IT~ is a special typographical symbol that Dylon developed illustrating the irony of the fact that our existence is perhaps most efficiently explained in terms of Information Technology.

"My nom d'plume for this title, T.P. Leaky, came from sitting in my market tent one rainy morning on the waterfront. Watching the water start to pour through the canvas of my canopy I realized that I had the equivalent of a Leaky Tee Pee, which is different than Leaky TP, like when your finger tears through the toilet paper as you're trying to wipe your posterior.

The moniker of T.P. Leaky satisfied my subtle sense of humour in the quest to name a conceptual character who's area of expertise was the humorous socio-anthropological study of humanity. Plus it sounded like someone who belonged amongst the rank and file of the famous Leaky family of fossil researchers."


419 ~ A Fictionalized Novella Based On Actual Events (2013)

419 - A Fictionalized Novella Based On Actual Events

When not writing D.I.Y. books or speculative fiction (which is Dylon's new love) he also spends his days as a full-time jack-of-all-trades freelance computer technician and consultant.

Due to his extension technical experience Dylon is specifically jaded when it comes to dealing with artificial or scripted conversations on the Internet.

By incorporating real examples of online scam's, Dylons fist first sci-fi novella entitled 419 tackles a very specific kind of scam head-on with surprising results and shocking plot twist!


64 Shades of Bacomegle - Looking for Two Strangers... (2013)

64 Shades of Bacomegle - Looking For Two Strangers...

During his career as a technician Dylon also developed a theory which explains the grand unification of science and knowledge in terms of Bacon. This theory serves as the central tenant of his propriety story-telling Bacomniverse.

By once again tackling real examples of online conversations, 64 Shades of Bacomegle - Looking for Two Strangers... is a cornerstone of Bacon research which humorously proves the existence of fundamental chaos as well as the basics of the digital ecosystem all in the strangest book ever written.


COCKZILLA! (Coming in 2014)


Fans of the Dyl W. Thrillogy which began with 419 and continues through 64 Shades of Bacomegle eagerly await the arrival of the final tome in this thrilling trilogy. tentatively entitled COCKZILLA!

Dylon's only comment on the subject of COCKZILLA's late arrival is that like Douglas Adams, he loves deadlines. Especially the sound the make when they go whoosing by.


The Big Yellow Sub-Machine Gun (Dylon's Ongoing Blog)

The Yellow Sub-Machine Gun

"All lies are rooted in truth in order to suspend disbelief." @GrumbleDude

"The suspension of disbelief is the framework by which the imagination is engaged." @GrumbleDude

"If one were able to create a machine in their dreams which turned those dreams into reality there is nothing to stop it from working." @GrumbleDude

"We always believe the biggest lies before the most simple truths." @GrumbleDude

"The further one gets from data's source, the more likely it is to be erroneous." @GrumbleDude

"The more someone tries to convince you something is true, the more B.S. they are likely to contain." @GrumbleDude

"I'm either lying to you on purpose or accidentally, as I have no idea what the heck is actually going on." @GrumbleDude

Find more of Dylon's unique Dreamtime Philosophy on his Big Yellow Sub-Machine Gun Blog!


Other Publications and Colaborative Efforts

"Every piece of art has a tale to tell." ~ WHYTES ONLINE

Award-winning Videography with Jack Whyte

Manitoulin Illustrated Volume 1 (2006)

Manitoulin Illustrated Volume 1 http://www.ManitoulinIllustrated.com

Manitoulin Island Sketch Book (2008)

Manitoulin Island Sketch Book - Jack Whyte

Autumn '08 (2008)

Autumn 08 - Jack Whyte

Manitoulin Island Notebook (2009)

Manitoulin Island Note Book - Jack Whyte

Just Desserts - Grandma's Country Kitchen (2012)

Just Desserts - Grandma's Country Kitchen


The Tragedy of the Asia (2012)

The Tragedy of the Asia

What happens when the Titanic of the Great Lakes collides with the Perfect Storm?

Find out who will survive the worst marine disaster in Great Lakes history only in The Tragedy of the Asia!

Print Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

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